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Mini Ferrero Roses


Box of Roses with Chocolate

Splendor Box


A Box of Fresh Roses with some Casablanca Lillies 

A Bottle of Wine

Colour of Roses can be changed

Bottle of Wine can be changed

A Heart of Beauty


A Heart box of Roses 

24 of Roses

Avaliable in different colours

Rainbow Roses in vase with a Teddy Bear


12 Stems of Roses in a vase

With a soft Teddy Bear


Simple but Beautiful


12 Stems of Red Roses in Flower Wrap

Avaliable in different colours

Rainbow Roses in a vase


Different colours of Roses in Vase

12 stems of Roses

This can be avaliable in different colours of Roses or Same colour

Heart of Roses with chocolate


A Heart Box

A Dozen Red Roses with chocolate

Roses can be in any other colour

Chocolate can also vary

Love is Red


Red Roses in a Box

24 stems of Red Roses 

This can also be avaliable in other colours of Roses

A Little Bit of Valentines


1 large red rose

1 small box of chocolates

1 bottle of wine


In the rare event that a substitution is necessary, we will substitute with items of similar or superior style, quality and value.