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Mini Ferrero Roses


Box of Roses with Chocolate

Splendor Box


A Box of Fresh Roses with some Casablanca Lillies 

A Bottle of Wine

Colour of Roses can be changed

Bottle of Wine can be changed

A Heart of Beauty


A Heart box of Roses 

24 of Roses

Avaliable in different colours

Rainbow Roses in vase with a Teddy Bear


12 Stems of Roses in a vase

With a soft Teddy Bear


Simple but Beautiful


12 Stems of Red Roses in Flower Wrap

Avaliable in different colours

Rainbow Roses in a vase


Different colours of Roses in Vase

12 stems of Roses

This can be avaliable in different colours of Roses or Same colour

Heart of Roses with chocolate


Love is Red


Red Roses in a Box

24 stems of Red Roses 

This can also be avaliable in other colours of Roses

A Little Bit of My Love


1 large red rose

1 small box of chocolates

1 bottle of wine


In the rare event that a substitution is necessary, we will substitute with items of similar or superior style, quality and value.